Yoke Tan, D.C. brings exciting new KDT Decompression System the the Philadelphia area!

Congratulations to Dr. Yoke Tan from Ideal Spine and Functional Medicine in Philadelphia, Pa on the addition of his KDT Decompression System! Dr. Tan is excited to be able to more effectively treat his disc patients. We wish you and your patients the best! Thank you for your business!

Dr. David Bohn has great success with the Kennedy Decompression System & Technique!

Congratulations to Dr. David Bohn of Accent on Health in LaVale, MD on his successful KDT decompression practice! Dr. Bohn has 3 kdt systems and is near capacity so will be adding a 4th in the near future. Thanks for your support and we wish you continued success with our technique and protocols!

Alluvium Chiropractic Center in Vorhees, NJ begins to offer Kennedy Decompression System & Technique to their patients!

Congratulation to Dr. William Nicoletto of Vorhees, NJ on the addition of a KDT system! After years of referring disc patients out to others, Dr. Nicoletto decided to invest in a decompression system and keep the revenue stream within his clinic. Best wishes to doc and his patients! Thanks for your business!

Labas Chiropractic upgrades from Dynatronics to the New KDT Neural Flex!

Congratulations to Dr. Phillip Labas of Cranberry Twp., Pa on his decompression system upgrade from the Dynatronics table to the New KDT Neural Flex Decompression System! Best wishes to you and your patients!

Thank you for your business!

Elite Chiropractic upgrades from Triton DTS 600 to the Kennedy Decompression Technique & System!

Congratulations to Dr. Warren Raishart of Mars, Pa on his Decompression upgrade from the Triton DTS 600 to the new and advanced Kennedy Neural Flex System! Dr. Raishart first took interest in learning more about decompression by becoming a KDT certified doctor, he then decided to upgrade his technology to match his new more effective technique. Thank you for your business!

Allen Chiropractic upgrades from Chattanooga DTS to Kennedy Decompression System & Technique!

Congratulations to Dr. Bruce Allen of Millersburg, Pa on his decompression upgrade from the first generation Chatt DTS to the state-of-the-art KDT Neural Flex! Dr. Allen loves the positioning options and comfort of prone treatments on the new system. He was amazed at how much more specific the pull felt in prone extension. Best of wishes to Allen Chiropractic Center! Thank you for your business!



Health Quest Chiropractic opens 2nd clinic with KDT System in Baltimore, MD!

Congratulations to Dr. Paul Ettlinger of Heath Quest Chiropractic near Baltimore, MD for opening his 2nd clinic with a KDT Decompression system! All of the staff and docs became kdt certified as well to better serve their patients.

Thank you for your business and best wishes!


Brennan Chiropractic Center adds exciting new Decompression System to practice!

Congratulations to Dr. Tim Brennan of Annville, Pa on the addition of 2 KDT Neural Flex Decompression Systems! We wish you and your patients the very best! Thank you for your business!

Integrity Chiropractic upgrades entire clinic!

Congratulations to Dr. Rocky Sexton of Beckly, WV on the addition of a Diowave 30 Watt Laser, Roscoe Intensity 4ch Stim, Chatt US Unit, and the Ultralign G2 Desktop Sigma Instrument to his growing Decompression practice. We wish you and your patients nothing but the best! We appreciate your business. Thank you!

Makefield Chiropractic upgrades from K-Laser to an exciting New Diowave 60 watt laser!

Congratulations to Dr. Tom Sangiorgio and his staff of Newtown, Pa on their laser upgrade from a 12 Watt K-Laser to the Diowave 60 Watt Mega Laser. They can now more effectively and quickly treat not just musculoskeletal pathologies but wounds, skin conditions, and burns as well. Our Diowave Lasers offer power levels into Cold Laser levels up to 60 watts which is the most powerful laser offered in the world. This offers the most treatment options and versatility possible. The pup in the picture is happy as well because the Diowave lasers also offer VET protocols. Thanks for your business and best wishes to Makefield Chiropractic!