KDT Neural-Flex Technology Decompression Therapy System with Pelvic Drop, Inversion, and Vibration. Lumbar, Prone, Supine, Side Lying, Flexion, Extension.

Standard Components include the KDT-650 Neural-Flex Table, the MTD4000 Decompression Drive, KDT Clinical Cervical Device with pillow, QuickEazeII TM Belting System (Thoracic, Pelvic & Extender Flap); Max Relax Face Cushion.

Optional Accessories not included with the standard components: KDT knee bolsters, SlipStopTM Traction Blocks, KDT Half round ankle positioning bolster, Axilla Posts, Versa-Belt, Open Modality Belt, Rachet Style Pelvic Belt, Carpal/Ankle / Hip Strap, Inversion Ankle Rolls, KDT Seminar Hands-on Certification Class. Also available in 220v power. Call for details.

Includes Free Online In-service Video on how to use the basic functions of the table including assembly, prone belting, supine belting, and cervical set up.

The KDT Neural-Flex accommodates more than 11 postions.

1. Prone/Arm extension

2. Prone/Arm flexion

3. Prone/Torso extension

4. Prone/Torso & pelvic extension

5. Prone/Flexion

6. Supine/Low hip-elevation

7. Supine/Full hip-elevation

8. Supine/Hyper-flexion

9. Side-lying

10. Inversion/Prone

11. Inversion/Supine

Call for more details. Toll-Free (888) 754-1081

KDT Kennedy Table Components

KDT Technology

No Other Decompression Table Offers Anywhere Near As Much

The KDT 650 Neural Flex Table combines unmatched comfort with elegant design

The table features several unique patent pending innovations including:

  • Bolster-less leg elevation with Pelvic Tilt which pre-tensions posterior elements
  • Simultaneous patient and table Y-Axis distraction
  • The Passive Tensioning Reactive Orthopedic Spring controls X-Axis Table Motion. Enhance decompression without added force. Tension can be matched to patient morphology
  • Upper section pivots at L-5 for true upper body Semi-Fowler Positioning (Supine) and true Prone upper body Reverse Hammock position.
  • Lateral motor mount slide allows lateralization of pull.
  • Effortless prone positioning. Retractable/Adjustable arm rests; pronated grab bars and arm butress eliminates slippage without the need for a wing vest.

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We saw the need for innovation. Though used for decades mechanical traction remained a rather primitive modality done with the aid of a simple motorized pull unit. Though effective in some areas, these inflexible units were unable to replicate the nuanced manipulations of the clinician’s gentle pulls. As other medical equipment became digitized, computerized, modernized and user-friendly, mechanical traction;s unsophisticated operating system and cumbersome belting configurations remained largely unchanged.