New 60 Watt Diowave Laser in Pittsburgh, PA!

Dr. Scott Pint of The Pittsburgh Pain Relief Center adds the most powerful class 4 laser ever produced to his treatment tools! This Diowave 60 Watt Mega Dose laser produces fast and effective results with the shortest treatment times. Congratulations to Dr. Pint and his patients on now having the most advanced non-invasive healing and pain control tool available in modern medicine!

pint laser

Dr. Rob Thompson with SIX KDT Neural Flex Tables

Dr. Rob Thompson has 3 Clinics in NJ with 6 Kdt Neural Flex tables. He has done an outstanding job of providing a very effective and organized decompression practice with top notch patient care. We are happy to say he’s a member of Kennedy Decompression Systems and Technique. Congratulations to Dr. Thompson and his staff on their tremendous success and the future expansion of the decompression practice!

r thompson 2

A great experience that has helped me beyond measure in my decompression practice.

“I attended the Kennedy Decompression Certification in Saint Louis. Dr. Kennedy covered everything one would want and need to know about Traction. While the material presented is sometimes “meaty”, he utilized a lot of wit and humor which made the seminar anything but dry. In fact, I found it not only informative, but highly entertaining. Dr. Kennedy’s right hand man, Travis Buffy, did a fantastic job of showing the audience (utilizing a decompression table and other equipment) the ins and outs of what Dr. Kennedy was explaining. They make an effective team. Lastly, and this impressed me the most, was the humility of Dr. Kennedy. This is a man who most would say is the foremost expert on Spinal Decompression today, and yet he was not arrogant in any way. Nor did they once try to push their own decompression system, which in my opinion is the best on the market. All in all, a great experience that has helped me beyond measure in my decompression practice. I’ll be taking a review course with Kennedy Decompression Seminars in the future.

Jimmy O’Rourke, D.C.–Jamesport, MO”

You are a class act!

“Just a few words about my experience of working with Travis.

From the initial contact, he went above and beyond with answering my many questions about a chiropractic table I was considering purchasing. After the purchase, he made sure to personally deliver the table to my office in Canton, Ohio. He has always availed himself to me, even long after the purchase of the equipment.

Then just recently, he proved his value once again by reaching out and helping me with some marketing materials.

He is a class act all around. I give Travis a huge thumbs-up. I know you will be in good hands with Travis Buffy on your side.

Joseph Medina, D.C.

Great looking table!!!

Just wanted to let you know my table arrived today and it looks fantastic.  Great looking table!!! Nice knowing it was produced here in the state of Arkansas and that I supported a local business.  Just wanted to say thanks during this process and for always responding so promptly.  You guys do a good service.
Chris Reed, D.C.

Dr. Chris Peterson
I just wanted to say thank you. Your table is amazing and is helping many people in my office. Thank you for making it affordable and beautifully engineered! I’d like to send you some patient testimonials just to encourage you although you probably already know how well it works! Thank You! I’m going to be ordering a second table next year!

Dr. Chris Peterson
Dr. Chris Brown
The Kennedy Decompression Technique and table is one of the most advanced tables because it allows for multi-patient position.

Michael J Dunigan DC, DACRB
The new Armedica KDT-650 Table has already proved itself! I would like to thank you for the time and effort put forth to convince me to sell my Chattanooga Triton DTS tables and purchase not only one but two of the new Armedica KDT-650 Tables. These tables are phenomenal!!

My first patient was a 42 year old male who was injured while working. The injury occurred when he was facing forward with his feet planted in the forward position and rotated to his left to pick up a 80 punt box.

After presenting to my office for treatment and an MRI to rule out a herniation of L4/L5 on the right, the clinical decision was to immediately start him on the Armedica KDT-650 Table. It was an exciting time as this new table was put to the test.

His first treatment was prone with the settings at 40 lb rest for 4 seconds and 80 lb pull for 12 seconds. On the second pul the patient felt a pop and immediate relief of pain. This patient has returned to work the next day with modified duty for 3 days then has resumed his full unrestricted duties at work on the fourth day.

It is my clinical opinion this table with the variable pull speeds and variable time is the biggest asset to my practice at the present time. THis is exactly what an employer is looking for with treatment today! The faster and quickly you restore the function the better the results and the new Armedica KDT-650 tables has already proved itself.

Aside from all the options like completely realized prone posture, with external rotation of the scapular and moderate flexion of the skull. The table sections pivot from the waist, not the mid ribs. The bolster-less leg/pelvic elevation-support created pelvic flexion, reduction of the lordosis and the mid section elevation further assists in enhanced lumbar extension when prone. It is absolutely these type of options only afforded on the Armedica KDT-650 Neural-Flex Table that would make any clinician at the top of their game when it comes to decompression therapy on patient rehabilitation.

I can’t wait until I have a great cervical case to report.
Thank you again,
Wayne Bennet, DC, DABCO, DA BCC
Dear Dr. Kennedy and the Kennedy Decompression Crew,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we have enjoyed working with you as we have incorporated spinal decompression therapy with the Armedica KDT-650 Neural-Flex Table and doctors’ training program into our practice. We had contemplated adding spinal decompression to our clinic services for sometime, but when I learned from Drs. James Edwards and Cynthia Vaughn about the comprehensive, evidence based “no bull” approach to the subject that is taken by your team, I made the decision to use your program.

After completing your decompression certification program we prepared our office for the table’s “delivery day” by implementing many of the preparatory suggestions offered by Drs Edwards and Vaughn. I am pleased to report that within 2 weeks of the arrival of our Armedica KDT-650 Neural-Flex Table it was fully booked and we had already accumulated a waiting list of “paid in full” decompression patients.

We are now 4 weeks into the program and are anxious to receive our second table, as we currently have that table full booked with a waiting list as well! Remarkably, we have not even begun our marketing program to the general public. We are particularly pleased with he enthusiastic and grateful reports that we are getting from our initial group of patients. We very much appreciate how well prepared we were to approach treating our patients with confidence, thanks to your Kennedy Decompression certification program.

The enthusiasm and “buzz” in the clinic has been an unexpected bonus. On behalf of the many patients whom we have already helped with decompression therapy, as well and the even larger number whose lives we will make better in the future, Thank You for your professionalism and commitment to excellence
Dr. Bob Thatcher
I Just finished the finest seminar that I have ever experienced in Chiropractic. I have been to many great ones, in my 50 years as a DC.

My staff and I just finished a seven hour seminar on the Kennedy Table and Technique. Our two associate doctors as well as our 3 para-professional therapy staff spent a delightful day learning the protocols on the Kennedy Program.

I has a DRX for 3 years and discontinued decompression in the late fall of 2007. It seemed that many of the DRX patients got great success, but far to many were failure cases. Now, I understand why we were not as successful as the “promos” suggested we would be . 86% was simply not factual! We learned that some patients should never be treated on their backs they they are correctly treated on the belly. That there are basic tests that can be conducted that will tell you what position is best. That some cases the problem is basic muscular pattern problem and not a disc problem.even though a patient describes similar symptoms. That one cannot simply push a button to isolate an upper lumbar disc and then selectively decompress it.

Finally as I reflect on the day I am deeply moved by the research that has gone into the Kennedy Table and the protocols that are now available to our profession. Once the Kennedy “rules of the road” are understood and put to work a DR. can with confidence, know what type of case one has and the exact protocol to use to bring about a successful outcome. Frankly what I was doing with the DRX system was an experiment in traction and not the refined teaching system that you offer our profession.

When one wants to offer a comprehensive decompression program I believe that they should study all aspects of the systems available. Compare apples to apples Look at the various systems of training that is available with each. I told my wit this afternoon that I just finished the finest seminar that I have ever experienced in Chiropractic. I have been to many great ones in my 50 years as a DC, but I believe this to be the most meaning.

I look forward to being with you this weekend in Chicago, as I work to complete my certification in the Kennedy Technique. Thank you for this remarkable seminar and opportunity to learn this innovative and breakthrough treatment system.
Mark Sanna, DC, ACRB Level ll, FICC
With the Armedica KDT-650 Neural-Flex Table and Technique, Dr. Jay Kennedy has removed the the type, expense, and inflated claims from Decompression Therapy and replaced them with integrity. He has has established Decompression as a mainstream chiropractic technique. The Armedica KDT-650 Neural-Flex Table should be standard equipment in every chiropractic practice
Dr. Louis D’Amico DC, R.Ph
Dear Mircom Products, LLC., Just wanted to let you know that the new Armedica KDT-650 Neural Flex table is AWESOME. We love using it and the patients rave about it as well. Thanks for making it happen!
Chad Jabobs, D.C.
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