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Are you getting familiar with Inversion options on the Neural-flex?

NF inversionWe designed the articulations of the Neural-flex so a modest ‘Inversion’ position could be achieved by simply pressing two buttons simultaneously on the controller. The inversion posture allows approx. 35° of declination either prone or supine. The Prone-declined position creates a robust ‘unique selling proposition’ especially with the addition of various instrument adjusting procedure (such as Arthro-Stim or similar units). Utilizing the overt muscular-relaxation from the declination adds the selling-proposition that a better adjustment results due to lessened postural muscular ‘activity’. Additionally massage and manipulation are both clinically enhanced with inversion for similar reasons. We suggest 3-4 total minutes of massage (manual or mechanical) then a return to neutral for 10-30 seconds, then repeat. We’ve found good results and excellent patient receptivity to this procedure. Manual distraction (thumbs or thenar) is also easily added as the proximal table section remains unlocked allowing it to slide forward increasing the sense of lumbar and thoracic ‘stretch’. In this position it’s also interesting to try reflexology/foot massage or foot/ankle manipulation.    

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