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Dr. Lemongello upgrades from the basic Chattanooga system to the new and improved KDT Decompression System & Technique!

Congratulations to Dr. Ralph Lemongello of Wayne, NJ on his Decompression upgrade from the Chattanooga basic system to the Advanced KDT Neural Flex System! Dr. Lemongello can now more effectively and quickly provide his patients the best disc results possible by operating the best system on the market. We appreciate your business! Thank you!

Alluvium Chiropractic Center in Vorhees, NJ begins to offer KDT Decompression System & Technique to their patients!

Congratulation to Dr. William Nicoletto of Vorhees, NJ on the addition of a KDT system! After years of referring disc patients out to others, Dr. Nicoletto decided to invest in a decompression system and keep the revenue stream within his clinic. Best wishes to doc and his patients! Thanks for your business!