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Dr. Bob Thatcher
I Just finished the finest seminar that I have ever experienced in Chiropractic. I have been to many great ones, in my 50 years as a DC.

My staff and I just finished a seven hour seminar on the Kennedy Table and Technique. Our two associate doctors as well as our 3 para-professional therapy staff spent a delightful day learning the protocols on the Kennedy Program.

I has a DRX for 3 years and discontinued decompression in the late fall of 2007. It seemed that many of the DRX patients got great success, but far to many were failure cases. Now, I understand why we were not as successful as the “promos” suggested we would be . 86% was simply not factual! We learned that some patients should never be treated on their backs they they are correctly treated on the belly. That there are basic tests that can be conducted that will tell you what position is best. That some cases the problem is basic muscular pattern problem and not a disc problem.even though a patient describes similar symptoms. That one cannot simply push a button to isolate an upper lumbar disc and then selectively decompress it.

Finally as I reflect on the day I am deeply moved by the research that has gone into the Kennedy Table and the protocols that are now available to our profession. Once the Kennedy “rules of the road” are understood and put to work a DR. can with confidence, know what type of case one has and the exact protocol to use to bring about a successful outcome. Frankly what I was doing with the DRX system was an experiment in traction and not the refined teaching system that you offer our profession.

When one wants to offer a comprehensive decompression program I believe that they should study all aspects of the systems available. Compare apples to apples Look at the various systems of training that is available with each. I told my wit this afternoon that I just finished the finest seminar that I have ever experienced in Chiropractic. I have been to many great ones in my 50 years as a DC, but I believe this to be the most meaning.

I look forward to being with you this weekend in Chicago, as I work to complete my certification in the Kennedy Technique. Thank you for this remarkable seminar and opportunity to learn this innovative and breakthrough treatment system.
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