How Is My Table Delivered and Is It Easy To Assemble?

The parts come in separate boxes, normally by freight carrier delivered to your doorstep; white glove delivery is available for an extra fee where the table is delivered inside and crating is removed. Assembly is extremely simple and fast. You need only a 1/2 inch wrench or socket and tighten four easily accessible bolts to attach the base to the table. The head requires only two bolts to attach to the mounting plate. Unpack your accessories and your ready to begin!

Are The Mettler MDT-4000 and Armedica KDT-650 Table FDA Registered and Cleared?

Yes, the table is regulated by FDA regulation 890.3760; registration #164997 and 510K #981539; the Mettler MTD-4000 is 510K cleared # 091540. View More Information

Mettler Electronics MTD-4000 Traction Head

Doctors and their staff appreciate the pre-stored user programmability and the ease of use of this head. There are no complicated touch-screens to navigate. It is very intuitive to use and is fully compliant with researched pull patterns. Download Mettler Electronics MTD-4000 Brochure

Why Does The Armedica KDT-650 Neural Flex Have So Many Positioning Options Available?

Directional Preference positioning is simply that position which creates centralization of disc and peripheral symptoms. Patients get better much faster if the table allows them to be positioned so that mechanical pressure is lessened and the disc can migrate with respect to gravity.

How Many Visits Are Required?

Done properly, Decompression tends to work right away on a properly selected patient. We expect to see marked improvement within 2 weeks treating 3 times per week. Most patients enter functional stabilization exercise during the 2nd or 3rd week and finish care by the end of the 5th week.

How Long Is A Typical Treatment?

Ten to twelve minutes. You can treat approximately four patients per hour per table.

Where Do I learn “How” To Do Decompression Therapy Effectively

We recommend the Kennedy Decompression Technique; the only post graduate “certification” available.

What Kinds of Patients Seek Spinal Decompression?

The patients who normally seek Decompression have typically failed other interventions and tend to be brand new patients to the practice. They tend to present with a number of conditions such as chronic disc related neck and low back pain and/or radiating pain and numbness.

How Do I get Paid For Spinal Decompression and How Much?

Case fees vary between $1500 and $3500 for both covered and non-covered services. Many choose to bill decompression as an S9090 and charge cash for this component.

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