Whole Body Vibration

The Armedica KDT-655 Neural-Flex incorporates whole body vibration. Whole body vibration can be used in any application including: Inversion Therapy, Lumbar Decompression in any position and Cervical Decompression. Weight bearing studies have shown some possible advantage in terms of healing to the collagen matrix when incorporating whole body vibration.

Generally speaking evidence is scant on the distinct value of passive WBV, however various human and animal studies have suggested both physiologic & reflexive mechanisms possibly contributing to influence healing and pain modification.

Spine 2002 Sep 1; Rittweger et al utilized WBV and exercise. They report; “interestingly, well controlled vibration may be the cure rather than the cause of LBP”. A quick review of recently published studies on WBV with exercise reveals an amazing volume of work.

Static, passive WBV has been utilized in disabled and elderly populations and reported to show improvements in osteopenia and myopenia conditions. It’s addition to traction is more theoretical than conclusive. However in terms of pain modification and a sense of improved well being WBV during passive therapy procedures appears to be safe, well tolerated and may add additional benefits for some patients. Many experienced in WBV as a passive modality utilize it intermittently and add manual or traction procedures with it. Inversion therapy eliminates muscular activity and WBV may enhance or create low levels of para-spinal contraction. This “on-off” pattern can often help reduce pain and transfer to lessened upright contractions temporarily.