Mir-Com Products, LLC, KDT Systems/Technique is proud to introduce the Neural Flex Touch system to you. Over our near 30 year journey we have revolutionized decompression traction first with the official start of the KDT Spinal Decompression Technique in 2007 then with our table system technology in 2009. The education, experience, research and expertise came prior to the meeting of our Neural Flex technology. You’ve asked, so we have listened and delivered. Now the best in technique and tables just got better.

       The Neural Flex Touch offers advanced decompression technology including the CL Trac touch screen micro step drive system and a refreshed aesthetic appearance with a sculpted LED illuminated tower. The KDT Touch system offers advancements in decompression protocols including belt-less decompression, upper lumbar lesion facilitation, pain management, multi level discs, bilateral ankle, knee and hip on top of our traditional KDT Long, Short and CPM programs. The state of the art CL Trac from Zimmer Medizine Systems provides a graphical display during treatment with the pull cycles via an interactive histogram. This provides live patient feedback during the pull.

      The Neural Flex Touch offers innovative features such as the hot/cold pack pelvic belt, belt-less treatment, bi-lateral knee and hip, carpal wrist, Versa belt for modalities, slip stop blocks, and axilla posts. The ability to help so many patients suffering with extremity pain with the ankle, knee, hip and wrist treatment options have changed the game. Bilateral knee and hip treatments specifically have been a very successful new addition to our treatment protocols. Our new Belt-less decompression technique opens the doors to the 10% of the population that were not treatable due to abdominal belting restrictions. Soothing heat during lumbar treatment in prone, supine or the side lying position relaxes the lumbar muscles and helps with muscle splinting from compression pain for our chronic back pain patients. Mild heating allows for a more effective and comfortable pull. The cooling feature is best suited for acute inflammatory treatment phases post decompression treatment.

       Also, it comes with tangible and digital marketing resources proven to increase profits and cash revenue. Implementation of our turnkey marketing and training system with our KDT.TV Premium website portals remain a superior resource center in our industry. This system allows for easy access to the world of spinal decompression, shockwave, class IV laser therapy and more with just a few clicks with your username and password.

        Education remains the primary focus of our company. A Neural Flex Touch system purchase comes with two doctor certification courses and one free CA while the Basic Neural Flex comes with one free doctor course. We are now offering KDT Shockwave Certification courses several times a year since it has been such an effective modality. We include free shockwave courses for each clinic who purchases a radial or focused shockwave from us. Over our career we have never seen a modality provide such long lasting relief to chronic pain suffering patients. A recent research article was just published in the Spine Journal of 2021 that showed significant improvement from focused acoustic compression therapy (shockwave) during lumbar decompression. Synergy response decompression with the Versa belt is now an effective option with KDT doctors using devices such as the MyACT Piezowave2T.

      We are offering an upgrade kit for existing neural flex tables in the field. Doctors can offer our new technology and new look without having to buy a new system. The upgrade kit simply is a swap of the old and in with the new, just unbolt then bolt on the new tower, CL Trac with base and cushions. We are very excited to offer this new technology to patients and doctors after all these years of continued innovation.

       At Mir-Com Products, LLC/KDT, the quest for better never ends! Thank you to all of the doctors and staff who have supported our efforts to deliver the most effective, affordable, and available healthcare for all. It’s always been about that patient, that doctor. Keep your eye on the ball, the ball is the patient.

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