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Armedica KDT 650 Decompression Table


Neural-Flex Decompression

We Invented Affordable Spinal Decompression.

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Prone Treatment

The KDT-655 Neural-Flex Table is the first Decompression Table which adds the capability of advanced treatment of nerve and foraminal encroachment syndromes as well as a new option for patients suffering with spinal stenosis.

Supine Treatment

The KDT-655 Table is the only Decompression Table featuring Bolster-less leg elevation with Pelvic Tilt which pre-tensions posterior elements. The table allows simultaneous patient and table Y-Axis distraction. The Passive Tensioning Reactive Orthopedic Spring controls X-Axis Table motion. Now you can enhance decompression without the danger of increased force.

Cervical Treatment

The KDT-655 Neural-Flex provides improved comfort while applying Decompression to the Cervical Spine. The patent pending mid-section elevation allows full support to the lumbar spine while lowering Thoracic kyphosis. This biomechanically correct position enables a full range of cervical angulation.

Mettler MDT-4000

Mettler MTD-4000

The MTD-4000 Decompression Drive has the advanced features previously found only in the most expensive systems at a price everyone can afford!

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