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KDT Neural Flex ® System Sales Demonstration Video

KDT Neural Flex ® System Assembly

*Shown with old cervical

KDT Neural Flex® Prone Setup

KDT Neural Flex® Supine Setup

KDT QuickEaze Belt Extender

KDT Neural Flex® Thoracic Belt

KDT Cervical Device Setup

How To Use The KDT Carpal Device

KDT Neural Flex® Knee/Hip Setup

Mettler Decompression Traction Head

Mettler Decompression Traction Head for older models of the MDT4000

** New Systems please refer to your paper user guide that you received with your KDT Neural Flex Table **


KDT Neural Flex ® Supine Belting

KDT Neural Flex ® Prone Belting

KDT Neural Flex ® Extension Positioning

KDT Neural Flex ® Inversion Positioning

KDT Neural Flex ® Prone Decompression

KDT Neural Flex ® Supine Decompression

KDT Neural Flex ® Prone Inversion