“I would rank your recent KDT NJ seminar among the best in my 33 years of practice! The seminar was motivating, the information was excellent, and the honesty of the limitations of the technique were all impressive takeaways”


“If you’re thinking about doing decompression or do decompression and you want more certainty and expertise, I would recommend taking the KDT seminar, especially in Central City, Pennsylvania. Everything about KDT from their education course, training, team members, facility, to their hospitality is absolutely top notch. They strive to make you feel at home and to be a better doctor.”

“I’ve been in practice for over 20 years and the best two pieces of equipment I ever purchased were my KDT Decompression System and Aspen 60 Watt Laser. They have taken my practice and revenue streams to a whole new level. The results are priceless and I recommend that every doctor purchase them!”