The KDT-655 Neural-Flex® Table is your answer to a superior spinal decompression therapy table at a lower cost!

At a time where many Chiropractors are seeking alternate revenue streams the KDT Spinal Decompression Table (KDT) offers mainstream Chiropractors a reason, and a price point to add this potent therapy to their practice.

The KDT-655 Neural-Flex KDT Spinal Decompression Therapy Table is one of the first decompression tables to offer high quality performance and looks at an economy price. The KDT-655 Neural-Flex KDT Table performs lumbar and cervical decompression with improved patient comfort and unparalleled ease of use for the clinician.

KDT 655 Neural Flex Table Virtual Demonstration Video

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KDT Neural Flex Sale Price $14,995

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The KDT Neural-Flex® Stands Above All Other Competitors

KDT Neural-Flex ®Competitors
Neural-Flex includes online training and seminars plus certification NO
KDT has powered caudal sections for ease of patient positioningNO
KDT allows for total directional preference positioningNO
KDT allows lower torso flexionNO
KDT has comfortable/adjustable arm restsNO
KDT has a large comfortable breathing slot in the headpiece design which accommodates both short and tall patientsNO
KDT has variable retraction springNO
KDT can do axial lateral pulls (lumbar & cervical) for lateral & medial discsNO
KDT has bolsterless leg elevationNO
KDT has extension and flexion in the lumbar spine when caudal sections are adjustedNO
KDT has gravity assisted positioning for VERY acute patientsNO
KDT includes Extremity Treatment Therapy of the Knee, Hip, and WristNO
KDT had advanced axilla post designNO
KDT has a one size fits all thoracic harnessNO
KDT has open architecture modality beltsNO
KDT has a hand switch to control the elevation and powered sectionsNO
KDT has a single column pedestal liftingNO
KDT is more compact and saves spaceNO
KDT includes virtual video learning links NO
KDT allows for flexion and extension cervical positioningNO
KDT allows for neutral and rotation cervical treatmentNO
KDT includes full training and treatment set up videosNO
KDT includes a detailed training user guide with full instructions, pictures, and protocolsNO
KDT offers free clinical supportNO
KDT includes internal and external marketing programsNO
KDT includes full customizable marketing adsNO
KDT offers free website construction assistanceNO
KDT offers a patient educational powerpointNO
KDT offers the virtual decompression video and desktop appNO
KDT offers the KDT Treatment Software ModuleNO

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KDT Neural Flex Sale Price $14,995

*Plus freight – Please contact us to complete the order. Cost is an estimate.


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The KDT table is so much more versatile than any other tables including my DOC system. You can be more specific in patient set up; it allows for side lying decompression as well as great options for extremity use. Decompression is a great therapy but the KDT table has taken into account much more than just prone or supine decompression. It’s also a very useful adjusting table. Very happy with it!

Brian Jensen, D.C.Cave Spring Chiropractic

“Our New KDT Neural Flex Table is so amazing and nice that no one will use the old Chattanooga DTS! Thank you!”

Shawn Lee, D.C.Susquehanna Chiropractic

“We recently got our first KDT just a few weeks ago. The overwhelming response has been positive with the patients. Many were switched over from Triton and some from VAX-D. We just ordered a second KDT table this past week for the main office. Our satellite offices also just ordered KDT to replace the triton tables. Personally, I’ve been on the table and find it very comfortable and a good pull. Cervical is very good as well and very comfortable where does it not irritate the occiput. I would highly recommend it.”

Jeff Shebovsky, D.C.SouthOrange Chiropractic

“I like the new KDT Neural Flex table better than the DTS and my DRX9000 no doubt. I would get another KDT for sure over those.”

William Krah, D.C., Taylor, PATotal Body Rehabilitation

“We love the KDT tables so much better than our old Chattanooga DTS tables. Positioning and comfort are far superior and the new Neural Flex system is more effective as well.”

William Scalise & Ken Johnson D.C., N. Huntingdon, PAScalise & Johnson Chiropractic

“The response from our patients has been encouraging and they prefer our KDT table over the other Decompression table we have.”

Steve Carrell, D.C., Kingwood, TX

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