Supine Treatment

Supine Treatment Decompression Therapy

The KDT-655 Table is the only Decompression Table featuring Bolster-less leg elevation with Pelvic Tilt which pre-tensions posterior elements. The table allows simultaneous patient and table Y-Axis distraction. The Passive Tensioning Reactive Orthopedic Spring controls X-Axis Table motion. Now you can enhance decompression without the danger of increased force.

Tension can be matched specifically to patient morphology. Upper section pivots at L-5 for true upper body Semi-Fowler Positioning (supine) as described in the KDT Decompression Technique which allows deep flexion to create the mechanical positioning necessary to help centralize “atypically migrating” posterior discs. A lateral motor mount slide allows lateralization of pull for lateral hernia and facet syndromes.

Above video features products as assembled by end user.