KDT Neural-Flex Technology Decompression Therapy System with Pelvic Drop (optional), Inversion, and Vibration. Lumbar, Prone, Supine, Side Lying, Flexion, Extension.

Standard Components include the KDT-655 Neural-Flex Table, the MTD4000 Decompression Drive, KDT Clinical Cervical Device with pillow, QuickEazeII TM Belting System (Thoracic, Pelvic & Extender Flap); Max Relax Face Cushion.

Optional Accessories not included with the standard components: KDT knee bolsters, SlipStopTM Traction Blocks, KDT Half round ankle positioning bolster, Axilla Posts, Versa-Belt Modality Belt, Rachet Style Pelvic Belt, Carpal/Ankle / Hip Strap, Inversion Ankle Rolls, KDT Seminar Hands-on Certification Class. Also available in 220v power. Call for details.

Includes Free Online In-service Video on how to use the basic functions of the table including assembly, prone belting, supine belting, and cervical set up.

The KDT Neural-Flex accommodates more than 20 treatment positions.

1. Prone/Arm extension

2. Prone/Arm flexion

3. Prone/Torso extension

4. Prone/Torso & pelvic extension

5. Prone/Flexion

6. Supine/Low hip-elevation

7. Supine/Full hip-elevation

8. Supine/Hyper-flexion

9. Side-lying

10. Inversion/Prone

11. Inversion/Supine

12. Hylo Positioning

13. Hip / Knee

14.  Carpal / Wrist

15.  Cervical Rotations (L/R)

16.  Cervical Flexion with Lateralization (L/R)

17.  Cervical Mild Flexion

18.  Cervical Deep Flexion

19.  Cervical Lateralizatioln

Call for more details. Toll-Free (888) 754-1081

KDT Kennedy Table Components