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Michael J Dunigan DC, DACRB

Dear KDT Decompression Systems,

I would like to thank you for the time and effort put forth to convince me to sell my Chattanooga Triton DTS tables and to purchase not only one but two of the new Armedica KDT-650 Neural-Flex tables. These Armedica KDT-650 Tables are phenomenal!!

My first patient was a 42 year old male who was injured while working. The injury occurred while he was facing forward with his feet planted in the forward position and rotated to his left to pick up an 80 pound box. After presenting to my office for treatment and an MRI to rule out a herniation of L4/L5 on the right, the clinical decision was to immediately start him on the Armedica KDT-650 table. It was an exciting time as this new table was put to the test. His first treatment was prone with the settings at 40 lb rest for 4 seconds and 80 lb pull for 12 seconds. On the second pull the patient felt a pop and immediate relief of pain. This patient returned to work the next day with modified duty for 3 days and then has resumed his full unrestricted duties at work on the fourth day.

It is my clinical opinion this table with the variable pull speeds and variable time is the biggest asset to my practice at the present time. This is exactly what an employer is looking for with treatment today! The faster and quickly you restore the function the better the results and the new Armedica KDT-650 tables has already proved itself.

Aside from all of the options like completely relaxed prone posture, with external rotation of the scapular and moderate flexion of the skull. The table sections pivot from the waist, not the mid ribs. The bolster-less leg/pelvic elevation-support creates pelvic flexion, reduction of the lordosis and the mid-section elevation further assists in enhanced lumbar extension when prone. It is absolutely these type of options only afforded on the Armedica KDT-650 table that would make any clinician at the top of their game when it comes to decompression therapy or patient rehabilitation.

I can’t wait until I have a great cervical case to report!

Thank you again.
Michael J Dunigan DC, DACRB

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