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New 60 Watt Diowave Laser in Pittsburgh, PA!

Dr. Scott Pint of The Pittsburgh Pain Relief Center adds the most powerful class 4 laser ever produced to his treatment tools! This Diowave 60 Watt Mega Dose laser produces fast and effective results with the shortest treatment times. Congratulations to Dr. Pint and his patients on now having the most advanced non-invasive healing and […]

Are you getting familiar with Inversion options on the Neural-flex?

We designed the articulations of the Neural-flex so a modest ‘Inversion’ position could be achieved by simply pressing two buttons simultaneously on the controller. The inversion posture allows approx. 35° of declination either prone or supine. The Prone-declined position creates a robust ‘unique selling proposition’ especially with the addition of various instrument adjusting procedure (such […]