“I’ve been in practice for over 20 years and the best two pieces of equipment I ever purchased were my KDT Decompression System and Aspen 60 Watt Laser. They have taken my practice and revenue streams to a whole new level. The results are priceless and I recommend that every doctor purchase them!”

“I bought this table in 2013 and just wanted to let everyone know that I was able to pay it off in less than one year! It has been a great addition to our practice and helped save many of our patients from surgery! We are now helping many more patients that were not getting better with traditional Chiropractic methods.”

“I’ve been working with KDT and Bryanne Ent. for the past 18 years. I puchased 5 Triton tables and now added two KDT tables and two Class IV Lasers that we use for the state-of-the-art technique. We have many testimonials from our patients that shows social proof which is really a great part of what we do in our practice. Thankfully KDT’s training program offers our staff and doctors excellent clinical knowledge and certainty to deliver stellar results!”

“I just purchased my 5th KDT Decompression Table. We are so happy to get another system! We are getting amazing results. I suggest that every chiropractic get a KDT Neural Flex Decompression Table!

“The KDT Table is the most verstile and diverse Decompression System on the Market. It offers Lumbar and Cervical Decompression plus it even offers extremity protocols! The nice thing is that you can get the best system for the best price! The price tags on other systems over the years have been quite hefty. I absolutely recommend purchasing the KDT Table. In my opinion, KDT get the vote!”

“I have 4 KDT in one office and they are busy all day. I have had other decompression tables but I have only use and recommend KDT for over 10 years now. KDT offers the most versatile table at an unbeatable price. They have always gone beyond my expectations with superb training and support. My patient outcomes are great and I get many referrals from my patients and medical providers due to the KDT Technique. If you are considering a decompression KDT is the right choice!”

“Our New KDT Neural Flex Table is so amazing and nice that no one will use the old Chattanooga DTS! Thank you”

“We just made another purchase from Travis and his team at KDT / Bryanne Enterprises. This would be our third piece of equipment and it is always easy and painless. We sent a quick email for pricing and within 30 minutes we had all our questions answered and a quote signed and delivery was scheduled for 7 days. We did all this while traveling. It could not be easier to add additional services to your office. The customer service is top notch and easy for any busy practice.







“I just love my two KDT Decompression Tables. The results I am getting are amazing and I cannot believe that I ever practiced without them! Thanks Again for all of your help!”


“I’ve been using the KDT Decompression System and Technique with High Power Laser Therapy for almost 10 Years now. It certainly has taken my results and entire practice to a whole new level!” 


The KDT table is so much more versatile. You can be more specific in patient set up, it allows side lying decompression as well as great options for extremity use. Decompression is a great therapy but the KDT table has taken into account much more than just prone or supine decompression. It’s also a very useful adjusting table. Very happy with it!